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    }  Applications: pressure sensor (Langasite, La3Ga5SiO14), crystal oscillator (quartz SiO2) }  Ceramics: piezoelectric speaker, ceramic oscillator, sonar, acceleration and … … as magnetism, ferroelectricity, piezoelectricity, metal-insulator transition (MIT), multiferroicity, colossal magnetoresistivity, switchable resistivity, etcTalari.comRetrieved 2016-05-042009-12-04^ "A Short History of Ferroelectricity" (PDF)At the same time, cooperative phenomena – in … New lead-free piezoelectric ceramics (1-x)(Na0.5K0.5)NbO3–xBa(Ti0.95Hf0.​05)O₃ (NKN-xBTH) doped with 0.8 mol.% CuO have been successfully fabricated by traditional solid state sintering… exhibit piezoelectricity.[3] This property led to its extensive use in "crystal" gramophone (phono) pick-ups … (Phys.org)—Optoelectronic devices that combine electronics and photonics are incorporating two-dimensional (2D) materials for a range of applicationsKopal, POwing to … … the Extrinsic Piezoelectricity, The European Meeting on Ferroelectricity, Prague AMore importantly, the exhibited … Mokrý: Exaktní výpočty rovnovážné reakce doménové struktury feroelektrika na vnější elektrické pole, 13 … … confirming the piezoelectricity/ferroelectricity of the LiNbO3 nanowire, we fabricated a composite nanogenerator for the e33 and e31 geometries, as schematically shown in Figure 4a,c, respectively … Multiple improvement in piezoelectricity, ferroelectricity, and fluorescence of 0.94(Bi0.984Er0.016Na)0.5TiO3–0.​06BaTiO3 by optimizing sintering temperature/dwell time (pages 60–67) … Piezoelectric ceramics, Actuators, Physical sciences, and 6 morePiezoelectric Materials, Ferroelectricity, Piezoelectricity, Lead Zirconate Titanate, Actuators and Sensors, and Piezoelectric Actuator … can have piezoelectricity 19d25c4272

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